Why You Need Epoxy Flooring Coatings on Your Concrete Floor

  Floorguard Admin
  December 12, 2017

In many instances, a floor has to handle damaging forces from heavy loads or even traffic. One way of making your floor stronger is using a coat and choosing the right coating is vital. Epoxy flooring coatings do not only enhance the lifespan of your floor, but also makes it resistant to chemicals and painless to clean. This coating enables you to realize a high-performance floor.

The Benefits of Coating Your Floor

The coating provides your floor with a sturdy and durable surface. When applied over concrete floors, the coatings make the surface smooth and make it tolerate heavy loads. Besides, your floor and surface can last more years than when no coating is done.

Coating helps in making your floor stay in a perfect condition for a long time. When the coating is used in industrial buildings, homes, warehouses, or commercial buildings, it makes the floors look great. This is mainly because the coatings make the floor strong and reduce the damage caused by heavy loads. Coatings save you the money and time you would spend repairing the floors.

The coatings make the floors easy to clean. In addition, the coatings are resistant to oils and chemicals. Consequently, it becomes easy to ensure your floor is always clean as it takes less time and effort to wash. If your floor is exposed to chemicals, you are sure that it won’t be damaged.

The coatings enhance your safety.

For instance, it becomes easier and safer to walk as the coatings create an anti-slip surface. Likewise, your concrete floor becomes resistant to damage by heat and fire. The floors are also prevented from wear and tear thereby prolonging their lifespan.

Coatings can be used to create driveways.

A combination of different patterns can easily be used to create these paths without interfering with the concrete floor. In addition, the various patterns can be used to obscure chips and cracks and enhance the appearance of your floor. The coatings are long lasting hence your floors will remain amazing for a long time. In that period, little or no maintenance is required.

How to Apply Floor Coatings

Epoxy flooring coatings should be applied on a clean surface to stick properly. Grease should be cleaned beforehand. Furthermore, the surface should be slightly porous. In case the floor has cracks and chips, repair them in advance. It is not advisable to apply the coating on a smooth surface as it does not adhere properly.

You also need to ensure that the room temperature is in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. The floor must be old enough. In addition, you need to identify any previous layers of other products that have ever been used on the floor. In most cases, paint and a top coat are applied in readiness.

Epoxy flooring coatings should be applied once the surface is ready. Applying the primer is no different from the way paint is applied. Apply a thin layer of water on the floor before using epoxy. Place the epoxy on the ground and then spread it. Apply a second coat after the first one has dried. However, you should not use any other water.