The Next Generation of Flooring

  Floorguard Admin
  October 10, 2018

Epoxy flooring has become something is very recognizable in many garages, whether it be commercial, industrial or residential. Epoxy flooring has giving the garage floor a whole new look. Not only does it add durability but it adds a sense of cleanliness to many buildings.

With its 25 year or more life span it is a cost effective way for many companies to keep their garage floors looking new. Epoxy flooring can withstand many of the substances used by automotive shops such as gas, oil, grease and sitting water while standing up to the wear and tear of tires and traction.

Though epoxy flooring in Wilmington, DE can be expensive to install, you will see that over time it starts to pay for itself. It will keep high traffic vehicle areas looking newer longer. With its durable seal it stops stains from penetrating so floors are easy to clean and keep looking new longer. This is great for garage or show room floors as it creates a space that people feel is suitable for them and their vehicles.

You will also notice that many houses being recently built will do this in their garage, and with vehicle coming in with mud, water and other debris on tires this is a great way to keep garage floors looking new over time. Not only does it keep flooring looking new it also offers the safety of being slip resistant. With liquids being frequently spilt or dripped on to the garage floor this becomes a huge added benefit.

If you are using an epoxy flooring in your show room you will notice how it gives the room a more luxuries feel. Many studies have shown that a clean and modern show room has direct impact on the amount of sales for a company. Epoxy flooring is often times found in many luxury car dealerships. With epoxy people are also able to customize it to fit into their space. It comes in a variety of colors so many businesses are able to choose what color will bring out their best design.

As you can see epoxy has become a staple in many aspects of the car world. Whether it is being placed in shops to help maintain a sense of cleanliness or placed in a show room to offer an astatically pleasing view to the customer’s eye. With its durability, easy of cleaning and pleasing aspects it is bound to become a company favorite.