The Different Garage Coverings – From Mats and Tiles to Paints and Epoxy Floors

  Floorguard Admin
  May 22, 2014

If you are a homeowner who no longer can stand the dull and the great concrete floor of your garage, then join the thousand of savvy home owners who have chosen epoxy as their new garage floor coverings. There are plenty of different epoxy flooring options that you can pick from depending on what you are expecting in terms of color and shape, implementation methods and price.  Other types of garage floor coverings include roll out mats, paints, coatings and tiles.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy coating or floor paint is known for being the most affordable solution, especially when it comes to garage floors. There are plenty of DIY kits that can be found at any department store. In order to get the results you are looking for, make sure that you pick a high quality kit that is not the cheapest one on the shelf and make sure to follow all of the preparatory instructions and steps to the letter.

Epoxy floors, whether paints or coatings, are durable and can withstand heavy traffic.  They are also water resistant, so you can feel free to clean the floor with as much water and soap as you want without any fear of damaging the floor. They are also resistant against any fluids that may leak from your car as well as corrosive materials. This is why, besides garage floors, epoxy flooring is used in areas that are subjected to unimaginable heavy duty circumstances such as industrial plants and aircraft hangars to name a few.

For those who are unwilling or unable to get the job done because they have no time and no patience to devote themselves for such a project, there are professional epoxy installers that can get the job done for you. This will guarantee you a quick turn around and a high quality installation.

Garage Roll-out Mats

The roll out floor mats lie between the price range of epoxy paint and the high end garage tiles. The installation of the floor mat is quite simple, but still, needs a bit of work. You will have to empty the space in which the roll out mat will be placed as well as clean the floor and give it a thorough sweep, so when the mat is placed, it will be placed on a clean and a smooth surface. You would also need to trim and adjust the mat to fit the space by using a utility knife or scissors. On the other hand, in the case of a large area that requires two mats, there are many seaming compounds that can create a powerful bond between the two adjacent mats.

Garage mats are quite durable, they are also unaffected by gasoline, brake fluid, road salts and plenty of other mechanical liquids that can leak from the vehicles stored in the garage. They come in different patterns and they also come with a texture that is secure and prevents slipping.