Should You Use Epoxy or Not on Your Floor?

  Floorguard Admin
  December 18, 2017

There are different types of flooring that you could choose for the floor in one of the rooms in your house. One type of flooring that you could choose is Epoxy flooring in Wayne, PA. This type of flooring comes with certain advantages and disadvantages.

One advantage of this type of flooring is that it is more affordability than most types of flooring. If you can take in the cost per square floor, you should differently find it within your budget. Epoxy is also cheaper when it comes to installing it. The affordability of this type of flooring is probably the number one reason why should pick this kind of flooring.

Another advantage of epoxy is that it is quite resistant to just about everything. If you spill oil, gasoline, bleach, transmission, cleansers, etc., this type of flooring will remain intact. Its resistance to most chemicals is why mechanics and automakers use this kind of flooring.

Chemicals are not the only thing that it is resistant to. Heat and water have no effect on this type of flooring.

Since it so resistant to chemicals, hear and water, you are probably not surprised to find that epoxy is quite durable. This type of flooring lives longer than other kinds of flooring. To be quite durable, you must make sure that it is sealed and maintained. To ensure that it is sealed, you should put concrete beneath the epoxy. When epoxy and concrete are put together, they are quite durable and you should not have to worry about the epoxy as far as durability is concerned.

Like most things, epoxy flooring does have some disadvantages/

The biggest disadvantage of this kind of flooring is that it cannot take wear and tear. After a certain amount of time, you will have to put a new layer of epoxy on the old layer of epoxy or replace it with an entire new kind of flooring. To keep it looking good, you will have no choice, but to replace it in some way.

The basic problem is that epoxy can easily start cracking and chipping. At first, you will think that it is just annoying that it is chipping. You will find it more than just an annoyance when the epoxy layer comes off the floor entirely. If something has a wheel, the wheels will get caught in the holes in the epoxy layer. You should definitely fix the layer if wheels are getting caught in cracks.

Another disadvantage for epoxy is that floor preparation is very slow and tedious. The first thing that you do before putting on the epoxy, you must thoroughly clean the concrete to make sure that it is totally clean and free of any kind of oil, solvents or grease. You will have to ensure that there are no cracks in the concrete. Cleaning concrete cannot be done just one. You will have to do it multiple times. Floor preparation is a big drawback for using epoxy so you should think carefully before if you want your new flooring to be epoxy.

Applying the epoxy to the concrete is also a slow process.
After applying it, you will have to wait several days for the epoxy to dry.

Epoxy has certain advantages and disadvantages. You will have to decide whether it is really worth it to put epoxy on your floor.