Professional Garage Flooring Services

  Floorguard Admin
  May 22, 2018

There are many things one must understand and take into consideration before getting a professional garage flooring service.

It’s true that many people may feel that they can do their own home projects all by themselves, also known as DIY projects. However, if one really want his or her house, namely their garage floor coating to appear cleaner, smoother and have an overall more professional look and feel, having an expert installer install a garage floor coating will really make all the difference in the world.

In other words, quality is really the difference here. However, many people feel they are getting a professional garage floor coating can come with a very expensive price tag, while they wouldn’t be wrong most of the time, it is better for a person or family looking for a professional garage floor coating service to search for a more affordable company or agency that handles this, or even offers financing/payment plans.

The professional term for a garage floor coating is called epoxy. Many seem to have the wrong idea and think that epoxy see is just paint and so it is OK for them just to use paint, but this is actually a myth. Epoxy is not just regular paint, even though it is categorized as a paint a proxy consists of residence and Hardners that contain thicker qualities than any regular paint. In addition, epoxies have stronger qualities and paint, making them more durable for anyone’s garage floor, making them less resistant to regular wear and tear that it may experience over the years.

Also, many people feel that they need to get a garage floor coating reinstalled after a few years, this statement is actually false, as when one has a great job done professionally, one can expect that there a garage floor coating will last even up to twenty years with normal wear and tear, and every day use. This however could be true for those who have done their own DIY project of installing their garage floor themselves.

Additionally, many people prior to their professional garage coating of the floors installation may feel that just cleaning the floor properly will be the perfect way to prepare for a professional epoxy coating. However, this claim is untrue, as only mopping or sweeping the floor will not be enough preparation for and epoxy see coding, as doing so will take a lot more work. Don’t worry though, if one has a professional handle their epoxy coating, one won’t have to do much for preparation aside from the general clean. So, the professional will firstly work on taking off the cement paste that is loose and also other surface contaminants.

After doing so, the installer will then follow a process in which he or she opens up the pores of the garage concrete floor using a product made specifically for this. This will help the concrete and the epoxy to bond together firmly, causing the garage floor to have a durable finish. After doing this process in preparation for the epoxy coating, the professional installer can then begin to apply the epoxy coating to the garage floor.