How Do Long Epoxy Floors Last?

  Floorguard Admin
  October 5, 2018

Who wouldn’t want a high-quality epoxy floor? Just as with anything in life, there are many quality levels for epoxy garage floors. That is why you should trust the experts to install your beautiful, long-lasting epoxy floor.

Originally, garage floors were dirt. Then, they became stone and finally concrete. Now, the next advancement is the garage cement floor with an epoxy sealant.

Of course, you can actually use epoxy flooring for basements, patios or sunrooms. These won’t become gritty or dusty like concrete floors. The epoxy floor coatings can simply be swept with a broom and then mopped.

High-Quality Epoxy Finish

There are many types of epoxy finishes to choose from. The base is an adhesive glue, to which flakes, chemicals or other ingredients are added. You can change the colors depending on which additives are chosen.

You can also determine softness or hardness of your epoxy floor based on the additives. Work with a prestigious floor coating professional to get the best results. Identify what you want to accomplish and professional chemists can choose the right chemicals to achieve that result.

Each additive has its own chemical properties. Determine which of the following issues you want to avoid: cracking, blistering, flaking and shrinkage. Of course, you probably want to avoid them all, but you might need to prioritize.

You might compare it to a customized luxury automobile. Sure, you would like to add all of the best accessories onto it, but that is impossible. The best epoxy flooring coatings can be optimized to deliver the features, which you care most about.

Longevity, beauty and non-slip features are some of the most popular. Mix and match to find the best resin floor. This will provide you with the best opportunity to enjoy your floors for a good, long time.

Protect Concrete Foundation

A well-installed, well-maintained epoxy floor can last anywhere between 10 and 15 years. A little bit of the longevity is based on your climate. Dramatic temperature changes are more likely to damage any floor.

The best resin floor coatings include chemicals that will improve bonding with your concrete. This resin creates a protective barrier over your concrete floor.

Entertaining Guests in the Garage

Sometimes, you might want to entertain guests in your garage. You might have a brand new hot rod and want to show it off to your friends and family members. You can also watch the game in your garage.

A professional epoxy floor allows you to upgrade your garage. You don’t have to worry about that cold, dusty, cracked concrete garage floor. You don’t have to worry about insects or weeds with a well-laid epoxy floor.

Find the best floor coating service. The best company will provide you with a lifetime warranty against peeling. Improve your floor with long-lasting epoxy solutions.