Give Your Rental Property the Ultimate Upgrade

  Floorguard Admin
  October 7, 2018

Privately owned vacation rentals are all the rage now! Sites such as VRBO and Airbnb are enticing more and more homeowners to place their properties on the short-term rental market.
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Renters are looking for unique homes for a special vacation experience, and owners need to ensure they keep their property’s long-term value. With millions of home rentals available worldwide, drawing vacationers to your place is an art. Therefore, aesthetics, usefulness, and prevention of home damage are all priorities.

In most cases appreciation of property can be accomplished by investing in upgrades. How you choose to use your property is just as important as the amount you invest. Upgrades can boost value, but can also cost you more in the long run under certain circumstances. If the initial installation is done incorrectly it may not pay off down the road. Be wary of choosing a product that isn’t optimally compatible with your property and its conditions. If you have sand and hardwood floors in a beach house rental property, you may end up spending more money than necessary repairing the damage from scratches due to the abrasive nature of the sand. Epoxy is becoming more and more desirable in homes and properties due to its versatility, resilience, beauty, and easy maintenance. It’s used on interior floors, basement floors, garage floors, countertops, and more. Upgrade your property with epoxy flooring to realize the following benefits:

• Aesthetics- works with any style
• Moisture barrier- prevents water damage and other issues caused by water damage
• Protection bond- to prevent cracks in the foundation
• Resistance to scratches, abrasions, and peeling
• UV protection

Preserve and beautify your most valuable asset now with epoxy!