Epoxy Flooring For New Construction Projects

  Floorguard Admin
  May 3, 2018

Many individuals have not yet realized epoxy flooring in Wilmington, DE is an excellent option for new construction. This enables a new building to be constructed, expanded or upgraded without the additional headaches and extra work. This is extremely important for the growing business. There are tips that will help eliminate some of the few headaches regarding having an epoxy floor installed.

The finishes currently being used for new construction are often the result of second thoughts regarding the installation. There is quite a bit of time spent by architects and contractors in choosing the right materials, colors and locations for the epoxy flooring. Despite this, the installation requires an extremely short period of time to plan. To ensure the installation is a complete success, time must be spent early in the planning process for the building.

It is important to note that when the epoxy installation process starts the flooring contractor will be taking up the floor. This means work cannot be performed in the same area by the other trades at this time. If proper planning is not executed, this can be a big problem on most of the new construction projects. One of the final finishes installed will be the installation for the epoxy flooring. In many cases the construction project is running behind schedule when the epoxy flooring is ready for installation. The owner is probably pushing to start using their new building at this point.

It is critical extra time is set aside in the construction schedule for the epoxy flooring process. The success of the flooring for the future can be compromised if there are a few days that run over the schedule and additional time was not allowed. New construction often overlooks the time necessary for concrete curing as well. Concrete needs enough time to cure prior to the installation of the epoxy flooring.

Concrete is poured by the contractors at different times for numerous reasons during the construction process. The adequate release of moisture does not begin for new concrete until the building is operating under normal conditions and is closed in. This represents a serious issue for new construction because the construction is almost finished before the HVAC systems are turned on. Once they have been turned on there is usually not enough time left for the concrete to cure sufficiently so the epoxy flooring can be installed.

Disappointment and unplanned expenses can be alleviated when the options are considered in advance regarding delaying the installation of the flooring because of high levels of moisture. A plan to test the moisture should be in place. Upfront pricing for the addition of moisture primers should be included in the bid phase. The best time to receive pricing for moisture primer is not when the install is just a couple of weeks away.

The majority of construction projects will need a moisture tolerant primer. If this has been planned for there is no issue. Epoxy flooring is installed on construction sites on a regular basis because it provides a first class look.