Epoxy Floor Coatings Have 10 Sensational Benefits

  Floorguard Admin
  May 8, 2018

Choosing epoxy flooring in Wayne, PA has numerous benefits that far outweigh the investment. Concrete floors are a simple necessity and packed dirt will never work. An epoxy floor coating is an excellent investment and a solid value. The ten best benefits are outlined below.

An epoxy floor coating cleans easily. Dust and dirt can be removed with an air blower or a broom. Grime and dirt are unable to build up in little crevices and cracks. Mopping is easy and if there are drains in the floor a pressure washer or water hose works beautifully. Chemicals and degreasers can be safely used for big messes. The surface is non-porous, so liquids and oils are unable to stain or penetrate the surface. An epoxy floor covering does not even have grout.

An epoxy floor coating combines hardeners and mixed resin for a durable coating. The epoxy bonds with the substrate in porous and textured surfaces making the flooring more durable. The floor can handle more impact weight. With a professional installation and proper care, the floor will last for years without cracking or peeling. Weight and ground movement or moisture will crack a concrete floor.

An epoxy floor coating is attractive, and the look is sharp. Nearly any design can be complimented with the variety of decorative flake patterns and colors available. The difference is startling and easily seen in before and after pictures.

Another benefit are the stain and chemical resistant properties. Corrosive materials including anti-freeze, oil, brake fluid and gasoline can be cleaned without any impact to the epoxy floor coating. The floor will retain the composure and color even with regular exposure.

Epoxy flooring can be fire and heat resistant and slip resistant. Numerous commercial applications are for safety zones, material holding areas and safe walkways. Epoxy flooring is also effective for warehouse fork lift tracks, bay parking outlines and designating vehicle driveways.

Epoxy floor coating is functional and often used by manufacturing plants, automotive shops, warehouses, retail stores, restaurants and hospitals. The flooring helps designate specific areas, is safe and sanitary.

Epoxy flooring is very cost effective in comparison to the other options. It are durable, requires little maintenance and has longevity. There are no broken tiles, grout, broken or chipped slats or polishing and waxing required. An epoxy floor represents an exceptional value.

The process for an epoxy floor coating is fast. This means less disruption for residential or commercial floor space. The time necessary is dependent on the color variations and size.

The smooth or textured coating is often reflective or shiny. Solid colors add brightness and white adds the most reflective light. This can add additional light and provide safety. The sheen makes it easy to see spills, debris, pests and unwelcome objects. Sometimes it is about aesthetics.

The most major benefit of an epoxy floor is the versatility. The flooring works well in auto mechanic shops, restaurants, auto body shops, manufacturing, aircraft hangers, hotels, department stores, hospitals, grocery stores, retail centers, warehouses, storage sheds, game rooms, garages, hallways, barns, laundry rooms, and kitchens.