Epoxy Floor Coating Protects Surfaces From The Elements

  Floorguard Admin
  October 23, 2018

Commercial and industrial flooring has long been plagued with issues such as general wear and tear, cracking and staining. The conventional practice of leaving a bare matte concrete surface in a commercial or industrial workplace leaves the concrete exposed and susceptible to harm and flawing. Such side effects can be seen in both outdoor and indoor unprotected flooring surfaces. Just a simple lick of epoxy coating can be the touch any surface needs, be it garage epoxy or a large-scale warehouse, to convert it into a durable long-lasting investment.

Epoxy coating of surfaces provides the advantage of a silky-smooth glossy surface that not only provides the underlying layers protection but also allows ease of cleaning and maintenance using a simple buffer. It is no surprise that most large-scale commercial operations and factories prefer epoxy coating a floor rather than leaving it bare due to the sheer reduction in upkeep and maintenance costs, not to mention the improved resale value of the property. In essence, epoxy coating can be viewed as a solid investment for any work environment with little to no costs involved.

Another huge advantage of epoxy coating work surfaces is the fact that it can provide protection for costly equipment, equipment that can be prone to withering after repeated usage over rough surfaces. From forklifts to power tools, an epoxy coated floor will prevent scuffs, scratches and reduce fall damage to delicate and costly equipment.

The application requirements for color epoxy to match any surface are relatively simple. A thoroughly cleaned and matte surface to aid the adhesion process, a fully cured dry concrete plane and minimal cracks are all that is required for the preparation of the floor’s coating. After a simple cleanup and check all should be prepped and ready as long as the concrete is not polished. Note that temperature conditions outside the manufacturer’s recommended range is not preferable as it may cause the coating to bubble and peel. Therefore, make sure the temperature conditions are corrected prior to application.

After the application of the epoxy resin coating, one can enjoy the advantages of a glossy and easy to maintain surface, such as resistance to oil and chemical stains, anti-slip features and protection against harsh elements. Epoxy coating hard work surfaces has become the new norm ranging from industrial applications to a regular home garage. With extraordinary results, anyone considering improving a workspace should deeply research and invest time in epoxy coating for any range of environments.

In conclusion epoxy coating floors will provide a solid, durable investment for any property surface let it be industrial or regular work surface use. With excellent waterproof and stain proof properties along with ease of clean and maintenance epoxy resin floor coating is the first choice for anyone willing to protect their surfaces.