Durable epoxy flooring makes sense for a multipurpose garage

  Floorguard Admin
  December 29, 2017

Many people now use their garage as the main entrance of there house. With so much high traffic in and out of the house on a day to day bases, you want something durable that can withstand the foot traffic.

Many people are turning there garage into spaces to workout, man caves and workshops such spaces require a sturdy floor that can withstand tools, weights, and whatever else that may be dropped onto the floor. Well, epoxy is the durable material you’re looking for to withstand all of this things.

Epoxy garage coatings are able to stand the demand you put on your garage floor. It’s even good in cases of flooding as epoxy will create a watertight bond with the concrete floor. Allowing you to simply sweep the water out of your garage, or wet vac the water right up. It’ll hold up better to the different conditions your floor will face from weather to the everyday living your household puts it through.

In extreme heat and cold, the concrete flooring of your garage will warp and expand. Epoxy provides the kind of flexibility to handle these conditions. As the concrete expands so will the epoxy. When the concrete warps epoxy has the flexibility to bend and warp along with the concrete.

Epoxy will take twice as long to give into wear and tear. As epoxy is so durable you’ll end up saving yourself a ton of money in the long run. The coating the epoxy provides is resistant to oil, gas and most household chemicals making it easier to clean up any mess.

Epoxy is as UV stable meaning you’ll never have to worry about the color running or fading, it’s will always keep it’s glow and shine.

Also epoxy’s texture will give you added grip so you never have to worry about slipping again. So because you don’t have the worry of slipping you can focus more on the task at hand. Make more sense to have epoxy flooring in your garage because it take all the worry away.

Don’t have to worry about expensive repairs, or replacement of a floor. Never have to worry about slipping and falling with epoxy texture giving added grip and traction. Don’t have to worry about spills and flooding under the door. So why not up your garage game and put down epoxy flooring in your garage.