Create an Inviting Atmosphere Using Epoxy Floors

  Floorguard Admin
  May 26, 2014

The concrete floors of the garage are usually neglected, but over the course of time, we will always get tired of how dull and boring it looks. So in order to add a touch of live to the concrete gray floors of your garage or even basement or home office, the best way is to apply epoxy flooring. This will not only create an inviting atmosphere by giving the space a stylish showroom look, as it will also provide it with the protection that it needs so it may live longer. On top of that, the epoxy coating is also the solution for other problems such as slippery surfaces.  It is also better than the regular polyurethane or acrylic paints as it gives the floor the protection it needs against the UV rays of the sun.

Epoxy is a durable material that is resistant to chemical exposure, corrosive materials and atmospheric pollution. This is why it is perfect for the garage floor because it will leave your floor unaffected by any chemical spills, oil or grease stains that might leak from your car. Due to the fact that epoxy floors are designed to overcome almost every obstacle, starting from the hardest stains to enduring tough environmental situations, it is used in almost every heavy duty facility such as kennels, hospitals, garages, factories, showrooms warehouses and any other institutions that demand a heavy duty floor. This is why choosing to install epoxy flooring for your garage is certainly a smart investment as it will help you create an aesthetic appeal that will stay for more than seven years.

When you are shopping for epoxy garage floor coverings, make sure to look for a brand company that supplies a high quality epoxy, as there are many cheap brands on the market that are of poor quality. The epoxies should also match you specifications and your needs.  For example, some epoxies come with extra resistance to chemical solutions and others have impact resistant properties.

When it comes to epoxy garage floor, there are 3 types. These types are 100% solid epoxies, water based epoxies and solvent based epoxies. 100% solids are the strongest and therefore, they are the most expensive kind. As for the solvent bases ones, they are not as tough as solids as they compromise of 40 to 60% solids. Lastly, the water based epoxies, which are the least durable, on the other hand, they are very user friendly which makes them ideal for non professional use. Of course, if you want the ultimate protection, you should go with the 100% solids, on the other hand, water based epoxies are more than enough for residential use.

The key to the longevity of the epoxy floors is the installation. If it is applied correctly, it will last longer than you can imagine. This is why it is always advised to deal with experienced epoxy installers who can get the job done for you perfectly and in the least amount of time possible.