Create A New Room in Your Home

  Floorguard Admin
  September 3, 2015

Let’s face it. The majority of garages out there are gross. Sure, there are some folks that have done their up and taken care of it, but there are still spider webs, dust, stains, and a general collection of stuff that you don’t need cluttering up your home. On top of just removing some of the clutter, there are other options that can add value to you home and give your family a new place to enjoy time together.

Applying a simple epoxy garage floor can add years of life to this space in your home. So often people assume that their garage is nothing more than a dumping ground for things that they have no other place for. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Stains, dirt, and dust can all be removed with the services of an epoxy flooring specialist. Think of epoxy garage flooring like having carpet in your living room, or hardwoods in your kitchen. Certainly you wouldn’t simply shrug off stains and dirt in these areas as merely “something that happens.” An epoxy garage flooring professional will give you a chance to utilize your garage as an additional room in your home.

An epoxy floor coating in your garage will add years of life and value to your home with a simple process no different than having a carpet cleaned or some painting done around your home.

The concrete is prepared by removing a small top layer to ensure that all dirt and debris are gone and will not interfere with the rest of the process. Specialists then apply a heavy Media coat as a sort of foundation for the rest of the process. This will make certain that the concrete below is protected and sealed from outside damage.

The Bond coat is the next step in the process and creates a method for the final top coat to adhere to the Media coat. Think of it as a type of “primer” for the rest of the process. The final coat is the Chemical Resistant coating that protects from pretty much anything that you can throw at it.

Simple as that. Now instead of a dirty concrete slab that does little more than collect dust and dirt, you have a clean surface for a chance to utilize the garage for whatever you can dream of. Want a man cave with a pool table? Now you can do it properly. Looking to re-create a 50’s diner in your home? Why not create an event space and entertainment area in your garage for friends and family to enjoy?

It’s time to look into using a garage floor covering to help transform your garage. Stop thinking of it as just a dirty space in your home and start thinking of exciting ideas instead!