5 Facts About Garage Floor Epoxy

  Floorguard Admin
  May 15, 2018

When you talk about garage floors what typically comes to mind is rough, dry and stained surfaces. This is because garage floors are neglected by homeowners. What they don’t realize is that by maintaining their garage floors with epoxy coatings, they can relieve themselves in many ways, especially, in respect to maneuvering large and heavy items. Epoxy is a waterproof protective layer applied over concrete floorings to resist stains and to add convenience. It comes in various colors and finishings such as matte, clear, and shiny. It intends to give our floors a neat, and seamless look. There are many benefits to using garage epoxy that are corroborated by the following 5 facts:

Maximum Floor Protection

Epoxy floor coating adds ultra protection to your floors by withstanding almost any capacity of load. It increases floor durability, which is one of the many reasons why it is commonly used in airports, heavy duty machine shops, industrial warehouses etc. Epoxy is resistant to stains and you can drop or spill just about any liquid without having to worry about staining the floors. Epoxy also withstands petroleum products and resists scratches. With that said, you can feel free to drag along any heavy items without exerting too much force or pressure on yourself. Epoxy coating enables easy movement by reducing friction between the object and the floor. Since the epoxy coating is waterproof, you don’t have to worry about rain water seeping into your garage, or giving your car a good wash indoors.

A Safer Garage Environment

Epoxy floors add a safety feature to our garage floors in more than one way. After the epoxy application is completed, it creates a non-slip environment. This reduces the chances of accidents occurring in garages and elsewhere, at the same time, create smooth floorings that allow easy movement. Even during a rainy forecast, you don’t have to worry about slipping as epoxy floors reduce slipperiness. Epoxy is impact resistant so much so that you can place any amount of weight on it. They’re also resistant to heat and can serve as a fire retardant in the event of any fire. Some epoxy coatings are made with pigments that expand when exposed to heat. The expansion gap creates a protective layer that protects the floor until the fire is extinguished.

Epoxy Resins

Epoxy coatings are impenetrable, which makes them a very good choice for consistent floor applications and adhesive capabilities. Epoxy gets its strength from resin, an element from which it is made. The unique molecular chemistry in resin makes them resistant to air, water, corrosive materials, chemicals and heat.

Color Options in Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy doesn’t only have practical benefits but it also features attractive properties such as various color options such as gray, black, brown white etc. This means, besides benefiting from its useful features, you can also enjoy its attractive allure. You can even customize a color epoxy to matchother items according to your preference, and opt for shades of blue, silver or even add flooring decor.

Features for Commercial Flooring

Epoxy floors are a great choice for commercial floorings, as they require way less water to clean. They also take less efforts to clean as the floors don’t have cracks in them to trap dirt and debris. This allows you to reduce expenses on pest control and other cleaning services.

Epoxy is a top choice for both purposes, commercial and residential as it withstands almost any type of usage. It also allows for convenience in many respects. Epoxy floorings are easy to install and require little maintenance.