3 Tips for Maintaining Your Refinished Garage Flooring

  Floorguard Admin
  May 12, 2018

You work there, you play there, and you store your toys there (with or without wheels!). Your garage is a safe haven in your home and it deserves a little extra T-L-C to keep it looking and feeling its best. Refinishing your garage floor can be a great investment into both the appearance of this favorite space, but also its function. If you’ve ever wanted to make your garage an even better place to spend time in, refinishing can be a perfect option that’s built to last.

Looking to extend the life of your floor? Start by giving your garage some attention before and after refinishing with these tips:

Maintain Your Floorguard Products | Floorguard.com– Make Time for Proper Prep Before Refinishing: The best way to extend the life of a refinished garage floor is to invest time in proper preparation before you apply a floor coating. Make sure to do a thorough cleaning of your garage concrete as well as a check for any cracks, holes, or damage that could otherwise compromise the integrity of your refinishing work. Luckily, at Floorguard®, we take the guesswork out of prep with our exclusive concrete preparation process, ensuring your newly finished flooring using Floorguard® products will adhere to your concrete effectively and stay beautiful for years to come.

– Clean Refinished Floors Properly: Once you’ve finished your garage floor with Floorguard products, caring for it comes down to keeping things clean and tidy. Keep a broom handy to sweep up dirt and debris. Have a spill? Need to clean up oil, antifreeze, or other messes? Use water and if needed, a mild cleaning solution (ask us about recommended cleaning supplies by contacting us!). Avoid any acid-based or abrasive cleaners that can harm the coating.

– Use Mats in Messy Zones: If you tend to do a lot of work on cars, motorcycles, or small engines in your garage or want to minimize the effects of foot or wheel traffic, or keep your messes more contained, think about adding rubber garage mats to protect your refinished flooring. Rubber mats can also be great for entryways or other high foot traffic areas, especially to reduce salt, dirt, or other debris that may be tracked in on shoes.

Refinishing your garage floor with Floorguard® products can show your garage a little extra love, but once you’ve upgraded your floor, maintenance is going to go the extra mile to keep it looking beautiful!